Open minded, Adventurous, Spontaneous,

these are the three personality traits my dearest friends use to describe me.

Growing up as a young girl in the South of the Netherlands I was always the cute, little girl day-dreaming

about everything but school while looking out of the window. Back then my free-spirit was wondering

about the world, me as a little butterfly finding her place in this crazy world.

Growing up I pretty fast made it in the grown up world. I have a good career and I am settled for life.

But, what if there is more?

What if I want to create my own path in life.

Not just follow the main stream, but really exploring my own goals and expectations in life.

Who would I like to be?

I would like to remain this free-spirit as I grow older.

A free-spirit with an open mind to all that life has to offer.

Not close any doors, but have a curious peak and explore.

Exploring forms of intimacy beyond the normal scope.

So one day I will not wake up and think: 'What if?' I am ready to share these exciting adventures with you.

Are you ready?


With love,