Special Guest Frits

Special Guest Frits

First Spankings ♡ Read all about Frits' first encounter with Zoë&Zara



More than meets the eye... See what Robin has to say about his friendship with Zara

Game Night

Game Night

Special Guest Brenda's input ... How hot can a gamenight be

Feather Touch

Feather Touch

Read all about BMW's wild fantasy



Read this hot and steamy fantasy by @beard_gets_it

Special Guest September

Special Guest September

Some of our Best Friends are ready to share some more stories with you ♡

Special Guest Frits

The First Spanks


It had been a while since my last erotic party. I have always been interested in more than just regular sex and was curious about my sexual boundaries. It already started as a teenager when the Playboy wasn't exciting enough and I started to look for more explicit magazines. But when I grew older, the most of my girlfriends were quite conservative. And the ones who were not, were not that interesting for me. Only in my late twenties I met a girl who joined me to swinger clubs, but just going there was enough excitement at that time. We did not involve others in our play.



A couple of years ago I started to date with couples. Most of the times the guys did not join and only watched me banging their girls. It brings me great excitement to use another guy's slutty girl. With one of these couples I dated multiple times a year. At some point the guy showed me the website sdc.com. They already had a profile and used it to find other couples. Obviously this site caught my attention and I created my own profile.


Being a single guy on a swinger website can be annoying now and then. Because of my private life I can not show my photos to everyone and having no validations at the beginning makes it hard to find a date. Beside that, I am very picky myself. I did have some chats with girls and couple but rarely had a date.


Stretching up my sexual boundaries really started when I saw the request of a couple for a gangbang night. He would only be looking while she would be banged by 6 guys. She looked like the perfect girl for this: petite and beautiful. Exactly how I love it. I applied and she invited me. Until the last moment I was in doubt if I should go, because I hesitated if I would not be too straight for a gangbang. I sent her an e-mail that I was in doubt, but instead of telling me that I should not come because of my doubts, she convinced me to come. I did not want to let go and I just went. And I liked it. Seeing a girl going on for hours sucking dicks, getting fucked in all her tiny holes and cumming over and over again, was just unforgettable. It further stimulated my desire to explore the amazing swinging world further.


And a chance for this further exploration came soon. I had been chatting with a girl from SDC for a while but she didnt want to date me because she was seriously dating some bloke. But then she told me she was done with him and she wanted to see me. Obviously I grabbed this chance with both hands. Petite, beautiful and blond: just the way I like it. Our date was a succes, she turned out to be a lovely, dick-craving, slut. She truly stimulated the dominant part in me and we had a horny evening. 


She told me she was experienced with erotic parties and she had been going to swinger clubs with her ex boyfriend. This grabbed my attention instantly and we agreed on going to Party 40 down, only 5 days after we met for the first time. A party with only people under the age of 40, with a big chance of meeting a lot of beautiful people. The perfect place for me. 


We had a great night. We enjoyed ourselves dancing, drinking and having sex. First just with the two of us, then with a couple she already knew and after that with a unknown couple in the dungeon of the club. The environment of sex everywhere just got me more excited and although it was only 20 minutes before closing time, I proposed to walk one last round through the club to see what was still going on. Actually most people already went home, but there was still one room with a lot of action. We could see all these action through an open window. There was some guy lying on his back with one beautiful girl riding his dick and the other one riding her pussy on his face, a blond haired girl and a dark haired one. It was totally clear who were in charge: the girls.


After a couple of minutes of watching this horny scene, I took the hand of my date and walked into the room. While the threesome was still going on next to us, my date started to suck my dick. The blond girl spotted us and before I knew what was going on she grabbed the neck of my date and started to spank her. Not in a sweet way, but hard. Very hard. I could tell from the eyes of my date that it was hurting. Nevertheless she was determined not to give up. The blond girl smashed her on the bed and started to eat the pussy I banged so hard that night, while her brunette friend held her hands. While I was enjoying this horny scene, the bouncer came in: closing time! I hated him. 


"Zoë&Zara, nice to meet you." And they disappeared in the night. 


Frits was born. 

~ written by SDC profile Hulkie



than meets

the eye

The moment we have dreamed about was finally here. My wife and I have talked many times about our fantasies to have sex with other people. It didn't feel right to do this separately, we wanted to explore this together.

While fantasizing about this we could never have even dreamed what this Swingers world would bring us. It turned out to be so much more than just sex. It has brought us friendships with other open minded people which we never even knew existed.

Let me tell you the story about that evening when me and my wife met Zara: Tonight is the night, we were so excited. 'Are we really going to do this? Yes, we are!' Let the adventure begin. We are meeting five couples for a naughty evening, one of which was Zara and her former partner. It was an evening I will never forget. Zara immediately drew my attention. She is playful, energetic, cheerful and very sexy. My wife and I felt an instant attraction towards her.

An attraction which went beyond just the physical aspect. And believe me when I say, the physical attraction was definitely there. Stripes drawing blood from her nails on my back, squirting on commando, I can't stop smiling when I think back about that evening. It was something completely new for me and my wife. It felt so safe and secure, the evening flew by. In the weeks that followed we kept in contact with Zara and met her at parties here and there. Whenever our eyes meet, the tension goes from a zero to a hundred.


Once we were at a fetish party and the moment we saw each other Zara literately jumped into my arms at the middle of the dance floor. I guess that is the effect we have on each other. On the spot, we started to have oral sex, we completely got lost in the moment and forgot about everyone around us. Fast and intense, it happened in the heat of the moment. As fast as it happened, we let each other go. I cherish this about our friendship. We act upon what feels right, we don't act upon how we think it is supposed to go.


Sometimes we don't hear from each other for a while. But as soon as I talk to her the click is there. We talk like it was yesterday we last spoke to each other. I invited Zara for my wives surprise birthday party. A hotel suite, sushi, massages, photo shoot and twelve of our best naughty friends. You can imagine it was a birthday no one will every forget.


I learned that the Swingers world is based upon thrust. You share the most intimate moment with each other and this creates a very strong connection. When I look at Zara now, I don't just see that playful, energetic, cheerful and sexy lady. I also see a hardworking, loving, beautiful, smart, assertive young entrepreneur with courage.


Thank you for our friendship, you are in the circle of trust.





After a few months of quite spicy Whatsapp contact, we are finally meeting each other.

Well, we actually already met before but we never had the chance to play our game. I guess nothing can stop us tonight.  


Our contact recently has built up the tension between us and I notice I am getting nervous. Even after a shower I still feel some nerves through my body. Not fear, but more like healthy curious nerves. 


All kind of questions are running through my mind. Do you smell good? Because the smell of a man can be very arousing. Do you kiss well? I love a men with good technique. And do you taste good? I mean, it makes a difference for sure! We ladies all know about that!   


I get a text saying you are almost here and I gently slide into my red stockings, jump into my red body and quickly jump into my high heels. I can't wait to see your reaction when you lay eyes on me in the hall of my apartment. 


When the intercom rings, I quickly push the button to let you in. Smoothly and decisive you walk towards the half-open door. With a swing you open the door and our eyes meet. Before my eyes can thoroughly scan your whole body I hear you say: 'Wow, you look stunning!'


Even though I feel strong and confident your reaction makes my cheeks blush and the only thing I can mumble is: 'Well thanks, come on in...' 


The door locks behind us and you place your hands on my ass. I feel the tension rising as your hands start to explore my body. 


'I have been longing for this moment for so long.' I nod and answer: 'You are not the only one.' 


Before I realise it our lips are touching. First very gentle, but soon it changes to sensual and greedy. My hands feel how musculare your tall body is, I love it. 


We stumble into the living room, lay down on the couch and then the real play time starts. After having sex on the couch the dinner table and the bed follow. And last, but definitely not least the balcony. 


It is a cold night and even though we are completely naked, I do not feel cold at all. Your tall menly body against my body, your tall manly hands all over my body. It just made me forget about the cold and about the fact that from surrounding buildings my balcony is easily visible. 


Playfully we enjoy each others company but we both know this night will come to an end. Be postpone it for a little bit and hop into the shower. 


When the night is over we say our goodbyes and the door shuts. You left. 

I sight and with our exciting and satisfying night on my mind, I fall asleep...

~ Brenda


Feather Touch

Your beautiful body is naked. Arms tied, legs tied open. Light touches from your ears down your neck. Touching your breasts, massaging them then teasing your nipples until they stand erect. Your nipples roll between my fingers as you moan with pleasure. Your hips roll forward wanting contact. My lips find your nipples, sucking and nipping at your erect sensitive tips. My hand touching down your stomach resting right above your pussy. My fingers drop down but dont touch your most sensitive spot. Instead lightly touch you from your center up the inside of your leg to your toes, then back. Then the other leg. Again and again with feather touches. I can see the wetness on your spread pussy lips. I watch your hips bucking wanting to be touched, more moans of pleasure. I walk away but come back with a feather. I start touching you on your aching nipples. Around and around listening to you moan and pulling at your arm restraints. I pull the feather down between your breasts, your puffy nipples rising and falling. Down your stomach to settle just above your pussy. Your eyes widen as I lightly draw the feather down on one side of your wet pussy lips, the most pleasurable feeling you've ever had. Down to that spot between your pussy and sweet bud. Back up the other side until I reach the apex of your beautiful puffy pussy. Up and back, then I touch your clit. You're so close to cumming, but not yet. Lightly circling your clit as you moan and buck your hips. You want to cum. I continue to tease your pussy lips and circle your clit until I hear your breathing coming quickly and moans loud and strong. I focus on your clit until I see your pussy convulse over and over again, white cum dripping from your lips as I continue to touch you, before you come off your orgasm. Rocketing you back up again as you have the strongest orgasm you've ever had. Aftershocks rock your tied body for the next 10 minutes. I reach over and cover your lips with mine and tease your tongue with mine while you come down from your pleasure. Untying your arms so you can hug me, then your legs as you melt into my arms. You feel so hot and sweaty as we caress.


~ by BMW

At the Beach


It was around 3 p.m. when you came home from a photoshoot. You were full of energy and still horny because the shoot was hitting the edge again. I could see it in your eyes and face. You gave me a big hug and a sweet long kiss. You say you long for a hot bath to clean up. I offer to get that ready for you and you smile with a glow of happiness in your eyes. I tell you to undress but leave the lingerie on for now while I make the bathroom ready for you. As usual you comply with “Yes Daddy”. You do as told and while I’m busy in the bathroom you fix a small snack for yourself with something to drink. As soon as you’re finished I call you in to the bathroom. The bath isn’t nearly half full and you look at me with question marks in your eyes. I’m naked and the shower is running as well. I grab your hand and pull you close roughly. “I’ve been waiting for this all weekend and I saved it all up for you” I whisper in your ear. I don’t let you take off the lingerie and we go in to she shower booth together. As you go in first, I slightly push you under the water beam against the tiles. You push your ass back a little and I tell you “Not yet”. I grab the soap dispenser and start to pour a large amount of soap on your back. It’s cold and you like it. My hands stroke over the skin on your back, spreading the soap gently. As I move my body against yours, my hand slips slowly from your back, to your sides and your tummy and find their way up to your boobs. Still filled with soap my hands rub it into your white see through, lace bra and squeeze them good like a sponge needing to get some soap. Your throat releases a soft moan while I do. I keep rubbing and squeezing them inside your bra and you notice me avoiding your nipples. I see you noticing and at that exact moment, the tip of my fingers glides towards your nipples, slowly. As they come closer, you can feel every detail of my fingerprint on your skin. Every line, scar and imperfection is feelable on the skin of your breast. By the time I reach our nipples I feel they are hard as hell and pointing out despite the hot shower. First I touch them extremely slightly on the point and move my finger along the edges in circles. You get so turned on that you push your ass against my body and feel my hard dick touch you. My thumb comes in to play and I pinch your nipples quite hard, making you shrub your shoulders. after a second or two of continuous pinching I let them go and the blood rushes back, making them even more sensitive. I take off your bra and let it fall on the shower floor. I hold your breasts in my hands and lift them while I squeeze them firmly again. Not to play with them, but to let you know my hands are done there. They slowly and barely touch your skin as they go down your tummy, over your belly button and in to your thong. I touch your clit on the way to your wet lips and your legs make a shocked move as I do. The difference between water and your horny moist is clearly distinguishable. It’s thicker, smoother, more slippery. As my straightened middle finger softly rims between your lips towards your ass back and forth, we both feel it gets more slippery. You know I’d do anything for that moist. I love the feel of it, the taste of it. I love to play with it all the time. When I feel that your horny moist is actually dripping down my finger, you feel a second fingertip join in. All of a sudden, the gentleness is over. I push both fingers in all the way as deep as I possibly can, almost trying to lift you up with those fingers. “This is only foreplay” I whisper into your ear with a dark, grungy voice. My fingers start to move heavily back and forth inside you and my fingertips stroke your g-spot all the time. Within seconds, you’re standing on your toes and your feet spread even more apart while I roughly finger that pussy of yours. You come in an instant splashing and squirting with force all over the shower floor. The warm squirt flows over my hand and when you’re done you pull my hand out and lick my fingers. “Leave some for me Princess” I tell you with that same grungy voice. “Yes Daddy” you answer. We both lick my fingers at the same time, kissing in between. I grab you by the throat, squeeze it hard so you just get enough air and keep kissing you. We both feel your heartbeat clearly where my fingers are. I push your body down so you have to crouch. Without question you grab my dick and slowly you put your lips against the tip of it. “Before you go on, put your thong back in place, slip one hand inside and fingerfuck yourself until those panties are filthy beyond saving” I order you. “Ofcourse Daddy, I will” you comply. Again, you touch the tip of my dick gently as the tip of your tongue comes out and plays with the tip. A soft suction kiss on the hole (to get the pre-cum out) and you slip it inside your mouth. Your other hand is inside your panties with your middle and ring finger deep inside your wet and slippery pussy. Your own cum slips and sticks between them and drips onto the fabric of your thong. You give the most amazing head. Deep, warm and soft. It’s like your mouth feels like your pussy and your fucking my brains out. From where I’m standing, I can see you pleasuring both me and yourself. I can also see that you’re struggling with your concentration to pleasure us, which was the intention. Seeing you play with yourself is my biggest turn on. You know how much I enjoy seeing women play with themselves, but with you it’s extra horny. It’s almost as if I’m living in a porn movie with you, but without the bad storyline. Your tongue start to feel the arteries in my dick start to swell up and pulse more and more. Your hand tightens its grip on my dick hard and you suck even harder on it. It turns me on so bad, I can’t hold it much longer. I pull out and command you to open up wide and close your eyes. You obey and with plenty of force, my warm thick cum I’ve saved up all weekend for you, shoots towards your tongue and explodes on impact into your mouth. The second shot hits your face hard. You enjoy it while I experience everything in a slow-motion kind of way. The other shots perfectly shoot on your tongue again and into your mouth. Before you can even swallow, I firmly grab your jaw and make you come up to me. I lick the cum off your face and start to kiss you passionately. My cum flows between us and spills on our faces. I look you in the eyes deeply and give your wet ass a good, hard, single spank. My other hand reaches for the crane knob and turns the shower off. We walk out of the shower cabin and towards the now filled bath. I turn the crane down as well and you make an effort to step in. You raise one leg and put your foot on the edge of the bath. As it touches the edge, I stop you from going any further. “I said that was only foreplay Princess, where are you going?” as I grab your waist. Without any warning or indication, my hard dick slowly enters your ever wet and slippery pussy and I make you bend over. You put one hand on the edge of the bath for balance. Your pussy was already overly sensitive from cumming twice in the shower, but now you can feel every distinguishable difference of every part a hundred times better. The smooth skin of my head as it pushes your lips apart while it enters through your wet moist. The slight plop of it when the edge comes through. The thick part where the foreskin is rolled up. And as I go slowly deeper you can even feel the landscape of veins underneath my skin, all moving your inner and outer lips with every change and you feel them all. Finally, you can feel my balls touch your pussy. As you think it can’t go any deeper, I grab your waist and pull you closer so can get that extra depth of your body. As slowly as my dick entered your body so slowly I take it out. The thickest parts giving you a sensation inside that make your legs tremble and shake. I almost pull out completely but leave the tip of the head barely inside. My hand grabs the back of the upper leg that’s still standing on the edge of the bathtub. The other hand holds on to your waist but more firm this time. I take half a second of pause and you look back, knowing what is to come. In one move, I pull you towards me and I push my dick inside you with force. The muscles of your pussy clench around my dick as I do, giving us both a heavier sensation. It also pushes out the built up moist inside of you. You make it drip along my balls and that is the sign for me to let go of the breaks. I keep repeating that last move like a wild man who hasn’t seen a woman in months, pulling you into my body with force every time. My wet balls keep pounding your clit every time I ram my dick inside you, making you cum continuously. I let go of your leg and spank your ass again. That hand moves towards the middle and my thumb starts to massage your ass while I’m still wildly fucking your pussy and you’re still having an orgasm. I feel your ass loosening and relaxing, and I gently press my wet thumb inside that wet hole. Now I’m fucking you In both holes and I can feel and see that you’re struggling to keep it together. Your wet cum is all over my dick and balls, dripping down your leg as well. The sight and realisation of what I’m doing to you makes me cum again. I keep my thumb deep inside your ass and use it as a handle for more grip. I’ve been horny all weekend and I’ve saved so much cum that it overflows again as I shoot and pulse my climax into your pussy. You feel my dick pulsing as it does, making your orgasm even heavier. As the last pulse stops, I pull out quickly. I leave my thumb inside you and from that hand, my middle and ring finger enter your pussy again. I move my fingers roughly again once more and you scream for me to stop. We both know you don’t mean that and want that last high one more time. Your knees are collapsing as my fingers and thumb are touching each other inside. From my point of view it looks like you whole pussy is coming out and I tell you to cum as hard, and without restraint as you’ve ever came. You’re barely standing upright anymore as you squirt all over my hand, arm and the floor. It a mixture of both our orgasms that’s spread over here. I swiftly pull my fingers out which gives you a major aftershock. You cant stand up any longer and as you drop to the ground, you turn towards me, leaning against the tub. Your make-up is ruined as thick black lines of mascara run down your face. You grab my hand as I kneel before you and we both clean it out. You are so out of breath and energy that I have to pick you up and lift you in to the bathtub. As you lay in the water you can finally see what took me so long to prepare the bathroom. Flower leaves all around the bath, in the water and on the tub edge. Candles floating and sitting around the tub. I put the bath pillow in your neck and whisper softly “Enjoy the water… you deserved the rest Princess”...



Fucking Before Talking

My first single experience with SDC

Imagine you have an open relationship and together with your boyfriend you experiment

with swinging, enter the world of SDC and start to love this world and lifestyle. Then the

relationship ends.

While my ex-boyfriend and I had a relationship we met a couple whom I really liked.

The vibe was really chill and we stayed in contact, even after breaking up. I told them that I

wanted to take some rest from all this, but within two months after this statement I started

missing it. I miss meeting all these like minded people, so we set a date to go to a party together.

We plan to go to a swingersclub in two weeks  and they propose to ask another man they already know

to come along. They are certain that I will like this man. That's how I met Justin. A handsome man in his

mid-thirties. We create a groupchat to get to know each other, but Justin and I quickly start chatting seperately.

We talk about work, how I fell from the stairs during a work party because I was too drunk and the bruise which is still visible on my butt. We discover that we both have the same dirty mind and the conversation quickly turns into sex. We keep on chatting for almost two days straight. Then he tells me that his date has canceled this weekend and he would like to inspect my bruise. If I have the time, he would like to do a preview of next week in the swingersclub with just the two of us.

My thoughts go up and down. Am I going to ask a man, which I have never seen before, to come to my house and have sex with him? Well, I guess I am. I tell him I have time and we set a time. He dares me to open the front door in lingerie and tells me he would put me straight away with my back against the door. This already makes me so horny.

Sunday March 1st 2020

Justin will arrive around 9 o'clock so I jump into the shower around 8 and put on some of my most sexy lingerie. I choose a blue bra and thong with a lot of straps. At 9.01 PM he texts me that he is standing in front of the door. At 9.04 PM I realize that it hadn't mattered what lingerie I was wearing.  When I open the door we start kissing immediately, we haven't even properly introduced ourselves. As he told me in his texts, he puts me with my back against the wall in my corridor and takes of my bra.

I can't quite comprehend what's going on, but this is so hot. We keep on kissing and he touches me everywhere. Kissing my neck, squeezing my nipples, back with his hands towards my neck, kissing me passionately. While kissing he grabs my hair with his left hand and pulls my head backwards. His right hand already found its way in my thong slowly turning circles on my clit.

While he is pleasing me, I already start to unbutton his shirt and pants. When I get the chance I pull down his boxers. With doing so I trigger him to pull my head once again and he puts me in squat position with my back still against the wall. I want to start sucking his dick gently, but he grasps my head and puts his dick into my mouth. He slowly starts moving his body back and fort resulting in him fucking my mouth. I look up, straight in his eyes and he can see I enjoy it and starts moving quicker and deeper. Eventhough I'm gagging he keeps on moving, tears roll down my cheeks out of automatic reflex. When he's done fucking my mouth, he picks me up gently pulling my hair. He looks me straight in the eyes and summens me to go upstairs, these were the first words he said to me that night.

In my opinion, the first time having sex with someone new is not the best experience. Justin was the first exception to this rule. When we get to the bed he lies down on his back. I hop on top of him and we start kissing again, completely absorbed. He reaches to the condoms on the night stand, puts one on and thrusts his dick hard into me.

There is no taking it easy, we start off fucking hard immediately. I move up and down rapidly, bend over to lay flat on top of him and start kissing him deeply again. While kissing I start moving my hips up and down, quick and short strokes. I can see he enjoys it, his eyes rolling upwards and having trouble keeping his eyes open. I like it when I see a man enjoying me riding his dick like this, but I love teasing him even more. The moment I see his eyes rolling up I stop moving, letting him calm down. Then I start moving again, immediately at a fast pace. It only takes about ten seconds to see his eyes rolling away, again I stop abruptly. Repeating this several times, I see him wanting me even more. 

After me teasing him, he turns me around and puts me on my knees. He grabs a buttplug and lucricant of the night stand and uses it on me. I moan soflty when he slowly puts the buttplug in me. He teases me by applying pressure on the buttplug and while doing so, he starts fucking me. One hand on the buttplug and the other hand on my clit, stimulating it gently. He fucks me hard and deep, it doensn't take long untill I cum.

I like his dominante side. After me cumming he turns me around on my back. The buttplug is still inside me and he start fucking me hard and deep again. First missionary style, later with my legs in his neck resulting in even more deeper fucking. Eventhough my legs are in his neck, he bends over to kiss me. We kiss while he is fucking me hard and my second orgasm also did not take long. What a man! 

We keep fucking for at least one hour straight. Next to the buttplug he also plays with my nipple clamps. During our adventure he finds out that my nipples aren't that sensitive, so he puts the nipple clamps on my nipples while he is fucking me. At the moment I'm about to cum he pulls them off making my orgasm even more intense.

Our adventure ends doggy style faced towards the big mirror in my bedroom, him using me completely for his own plessure. I look naughty to him through the mirror and at that moment he grabs my hair. I hear his breathing become harder  and faster and see him watching to the ceiling resulting in deep strokes which end abruptly after he comes.

Afterwards we lay on the bed, look at each other and he tells me: 'What an introduction. My name is Justin. Nice to meet you.' I grab some water and we keep on chatting naked on the bed about all his experiences and all my fantasies. Never thought I would get to know a man naked after let him fuck me first.

~ Chloë 


Hooked Up

After you have carefully hung up the hooks, it is time. It is something we have

been talking about for a while now and something I have immediately bought a

box full of toys for. We have talked many times about what you would do with me.

I think I know what will happen, but still, I am a little nervous. Excitingly nervous.

Discovering something new, together.


Underneath my dress, I am wearing a body which I have bought for you, but you

haven't seen it yet. We take the last sip of our wine, look into each other eyes and

our gaze tells us it is time.


You guide me to the bedroom where we start kissing. You know there is something

special underneath my dress and therefore you are keen to take it off. After taking

off my dress you like what you see. The way you look at me with your horny eyes is

turning me even more on.


You tie up my arms with the handcuffs. First my left wrist, then my right.

You hang me up on the hook and check if I am securely fastened. I guess I am

because you continue with my ankles. You tie them both up and when you

are pleased, you leave me. "Good luck" I hear you say. "I will hear from you when you

are ready to surrender to me."


You close the door behind you and I start to think of all possible ways to escape. I conclude nothing is going to work. I am tied up. I cannot go anywhere. I can try as hard as I want, it only hurts my wrists and ankles even more.


Softly and beaten I call you. You walk in and see the despair in my eyes. It makes you horny and you say: "Alright, let's get started!"


You pull my breasts out of my body and grab both of them. Softly you lick one after the other and you hear me moan. You bite in them a little. You continue licking and squeezing them. You feel my body tingling with pleasure as you continue to take my pleasure. Licking, biting, blowing. I feel myself getting wetter and wetter and I cannot control my moaning anymore. You notice I am getting excited, you leave and come back with an ice cube. You cool my nipples down. It hurts but in a good way. You take the whip with feathers and tickle my nipples. You continue down my body. Because my body is extra sensitive now, the feathers stroking my body feel more intense than ever before.


You ease the ropes just enough so I can take you into my mouth. I eagerly lick the precum from your penis en enjoy that me hanging in ropes makes you so hard.


Before I realize, I am being pulled up again. The sudden movement scared me and I know I have no control. I surrender myself to you even more. And surrender me to what is yet to come.


I can feel a different whip gliding down my nipple and slowly you hit me with it. I don't know what to do with everything that I feel and I hardly get my breathing under control. You see my breast moving along when you hit them and decide to hit them even harder. You turn me around, let the whip slide down my back, and command me to count from three to one. I comply and when I say one I feel the end of the whip harshly on my back. I moan. Again I am commanded to call from three to one. I comply again, not knowing where the next whip will land. This time it lands on my butt and I cannot hold back the moaning. I feel you pulling me closely against you and with one hand you open my body from below. While doing so, you notice I am way wetter than you could ever imagine.


A little drop of wetness slides down my inner leg. You follow the drop downwards with your finger and it gets all wet. You can't control yourself and I feel your hard penis entering inside of me. I enjoy the feeling of you inside of me. You notice this, pull back immediately, and say: "We are not there yet!"


Your finger moves slowly over my clitoris. Slowly, very slowly. So slowly it almost hurts. I start begging: "Oh, please let me have my orgasm!"


Suddenly I hear a lighter and I realize you lit up a candle. You tell me to let my head drop backward and I feel droplets of hot candle wax fall onto my chest. I enjoy the hot wax dripping down my body, I can even feel it dripping down my butt.


Suddenly I feel you are beating my ass with something hard. Again and again! And again, until my butt is completely red and om fire. "That is your punishment for earlier when you wanted to orgasm before I allowed you." You get closer towards me and I am praying now is the time, I wait patiently until you take the initiative.


I heat the sound of metal and my mouth gets filled with two little balls. I suck them and wet them. At the same time, I feel nipple clamps. I am startled and suddenly think about the Stop word, but I do not want to stop. I push away the pain and concentrate on you standing behind me. You take the balls out of my mouth and put them inside my vagina. With all power, I am holding them inside, and tightening my muscles feels amazing. Every little thing in my body knows my orgasm is just about to happen. You touch the nipple clamps and the pain and pleasure are melting together as one. You stroke my clitoris and I orgasm. You have never heard me moan like this ever before. You know some people might have heard this and it makes you turned on.


With a fast movement, you take out the balls and shove yourself in me. Slowly but hard and deep. I moan even more and I want you to take me fast and deep. Meanwhile, I am still tight up and I fully enjoy every push you make. After a while, you stop and loosen the ropes. I fall onto my knees and eagerly start to lick my wet from your penis.


You grab my head and take over the rhythm. I start to feel your orgasm...

~ Elise

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