Seek Yourself, Discover Together and Create Moments.

At SDC.com you can read all about Sexuality, Relationships and Health. The Articles, Video's and Podcasts are meant to guide, inform and amuse you with all aspects of your erotic journey.

What we get out of SDC.com:

We keep finding more and more 'like minded' free spirits like us,

finally we are starting to not feel the odd ones out.


Creating a profile on SDC.com:

Gives you the opportinity to create your own network and start your journey.


With the Promo-code 35466 you get a free trail for 20 days. Payed members have the freedom to explore all the possibilities of the site.

We both have a private Lifetime Membership & we created an 'OurLittleSecrets' profile which you are more than welcome to join to help you get started: Tips&Tricks.

Practical Stuff:

Profile: Page where you post your pictures, let others know what you are looking for, post your partyplans and so on

Likes: To let someone(s) know you like their profile

Speeddating: Post your plans and invite others to join

Validate: After an adventure you can write a little something about the date you had with each other.

Parties we fell in Love with:

Bitch, Unleashed, Party40Down, Ultimate Young, Be Privileged, Little Sins, Fun4Two, Fata-Morgana, Caviar de la Nuit & BigLittleSecrets.



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