About OurLittleSecret

In the summer of 2019, we met each other at Drumcode festival guided by serendipity. Our paths crossed and got intertwined creating a friendship that is out of this world. A friendship based on the common interest and determination to experience as many beautiful and unusual things as possible.

A friendship where opposites meet in the middle and where magic happens. We were both exploring this erotic world independently, This was soon the be changed.


As it was written in the stars we both were longing for the adrenaline which we feel when we are together. All naturally we started to share our deepest desires and as assertive as we both are, our first adventure together soon began.

Now we both have been roaming the world of erotic adventures for some time; Inviting people for intimate home parties, going to Swingers clubs, going to exclusive 'invitation only' parties at castles, going to large scale leather and latex parties, organizing weekends away with our swinger friends, and having various play dates.


While engaging in this world, we soon found out this lifestyle has unlimited possibilities to explore every aspect of our sensual, sexual, and kinky desires. We stand for moving past taboo’s, limitations, and expectations. And explore the rules of intimacy and independence. We are tasting the nectar of life and learning how to play with it along the way.

We don’t like to be labeled. But if you must describe us we would like to say we are a Dynamic Duo, Authentic, Energetic, Dominant and Playful. At the SDC platform, we got to know so many like-minded people we never thought even would be possible. Creating friendships for life and share experiences with them without judgement but with an open mind. Come meet us where the fun begins and dive into our world where pleasure, joy, and adventure mingle.


Are you ready?




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